Set up in 1998, the ITTK (Information Society and Trend Research Institute) is a research institute of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In 2010 the Budapest University of Technology and Economics was ranked as one of the elite research universities in Hungary. From the outset, this institute established a domestic and international reputation by a great number of researches, publications of  books and trade papers – to become an unavoidable participant in the research on information society.

Building up the information society is the most significant economic, social, and cultural change in the modern age with strong effects on the whole word, influencing the quality of life, success, activity and survival of individuals, companies, the State and social communities.

Basically, the ITTK is engaged in two kinds of research: basic researches published in the international and domestic area and assignments undertaken in the research fields that fit into our profile. We are proud that ten years ago, most of our clients returned to us with a new assignment. In recent years we carry out basic research work as a part of international consortia or assigned by international organizations.

In addition to quantitative, conventional, and online large-sample data collections, our research methods cover the widest possible application of qualitative methods, including in-depth interview, focus group, content analyses, but laboratory tests are also performed. Secondary analyses also known as desk researches are added to primary researches.

The strength of our institute is the sensitivity to trends: in issues related to the information society in the widest sense we undertake analyses made with short, mid, and long-term high value addition – it is not by chance that in ten years, both companies and the state sector have assigned us making a number of strategic documents. In domestic and international researches, we give effective supports first of all for grounding the social and theoretical background. In our research works, we test the features, opinion and attitude of target groups, deal with testing or product and service development of some products and results in Hungarian and Eastern / Central European environment, give ground to realize experimental research series, to explore domestic and international trends in order to support decision preparation work with data.

ITTK's key fields of research:

  • basic research, in-depth knowledge of the present
  • professional decision preparation studies, scripts, scenarios
  • strategy-making, short and long term trend analyses

Our researches and trend analysis serve as authentic sources both in the business, civil, and state sphere.

  • in ten years, we conducted more than 200 major researches to our clients’ satisfaction
  • the ITTK made a textbook dealing with the European information society, translated into English and Greek and taught in a number of countries. This time, we work on the second enlarged edition
  • The ITTK makes the UNESCO annual dealing with recent changes in the information society, reaching all countries in the word and having translated from English into French and Russian in consideration of the great interest
  • with the help of its publisher program, the ITTK issued more than 20 technical books and publications